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New to therapy? What to expect

The first therapy session is typically focused on establishing a sense of rapport between us and identifying the issue that brought you into therapy. During this session, we'll explore what you are hoping to achieve if all goes well between us, what you have already tried, if anything, and what supports or challenges may be interfering with resolving the issue. We will also review the limits of confidentiality and the fee structure, which will be provided to you in writing through the disclosure paperwork before we begin. If you have any questions about these matters, we'll discuss them at this time.

Assuming that our initial conversation is going well, we may move on to discussing your backstory, any questions you may have about my training, education, or style, or outside resources that could be useful to you, such as books, websites, or other professionals. The content of our conversation will be tailored to your individual needs and comfort level.

For those who have never been to therapy, our first session may simply involve getting to know each other. It's possible that we may discover that we share common interests such as cats, yoga, or podcasts, which may seem superficial, but this information can be helpful when it's time for me to develop a treatment plan. For example, if my client and I share an interest in the same obscure author, this may help to create a sense of ease and comfort for her.

Overall, the first therapy session is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and begin the process of working together towards your goals. It's perfectly normal to feel nervous or unsure about what to expect during this first session, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. My goal is to create a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings, and to collaborate with you in finding the most effective path forward. If you have any questions or concerns before our first session, please don't hesitate to reach out. I look forward to meeting you and embarking on this journey together.

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